October 26, 2021

Orange county tax attorneys – How to Find a Tax Attorney

An IRS audit and debt, investment fraud accusation, or other tax problem requires the help of a tax attorney. Neglecting a tax issue could only worsen it, so get a tax attorney’s help and guidance. Don’t take it for granted because you might incur penalties or even be jailed for your failure to pay the proper taxes. Don’t waste any time, immediately call your tax attorney and your accountant.

The Better Status To Know — Teletype

If you decide to hire a tax lawyer, you will have to know how and where to locate get a good one. Attorneys should be one of the best in what they do. You need a tax lawyer with a proven track record and must be accredited by the IRS.

How Much is the Fee?

The attorney’s fee must also be considered. A legal representative will not come cheap. Yet, if you try to fix the tax issue on your own, you might end up spending more on fines and charges. It should also be noted that the attorney’s fee will be different from one state to another. The orange county tax attorneys usually charge by the hour but you can always negotiate with them if they could charge you once the case is completed. If you want your problem to be solved immediately, be sure to talk to your attorney as well as discuss the cost.

If you think you can afford a one-time payment, then just ask them if you can work on a payment plan. Most competent tax lawyers demand a “retainer” as an initial payment or acceptance fee. The retainer varies. In some instances, this “retainer” could be refunded to you if the attorney does not appear in court for the hearing. 

Track record and Educational Background

A competent tax lawyer with an excellent record would likely have an accounting background or might is likely to be a Certified Public Accountant before he became a lawyer. Select a tax attorney who is licensed to represent clients before the IRS.

When selecting a tax attorney, ask if the case will be personally handled or it would just be delegated to an associate in their law firm. Also, check if they have a lot of experience in handling cases that are similar to yours as well as the percentage of their success rate. It’s important that you hire an attorney that you think you can trust your information with as well as someone that could help you get a favorable decision.

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